Who is the politician being tracked down in Galmudug?

Former Galmudug Minister of Planning and International co-operation Abdikafi Mohamud Qaaf has been widely discussed in public places in Dhusamareb and Guri El, with a growing number of young people supporting Abdi kafi as a person who is aware of the situations in the different parts of the society.

The principal of Garadso Primary School in Dhusamareb praised Abdikafi for being the scholar Galmudug needs today.

“He is the kind of leader Galmudug needs. Every community’s progress is valued in areas such as education, health & community co-operation in security, C / kafi in charge & irresponsibly was the only person in charge of the facilities. education & health, these areas are central to the development of any society. If Minister Abdikafi Qaaf had taken over the presidency of Galmudug, it would certainly have united Galmudug,” said Said Hassan Guled, headmaster of Garadso School, adding that Galmudug needs someone to work for it not vice versa

Principal Said Hassan also said that the community is not blind and can recognize the individuals working for development & the person working for him self . “Abdi Kafi Qaaf is a person who opposes and sympathizes with the plight of his community. He believed that the fighting in Guri El could have been avoided, and he made every effort to prevent it,” said Said Hassan.

“The educational institutions have shown great support for Abdikafi Mohamud Qaaf, and this is the first time that such a large amount of support has been shown by civil society to any individual politician.  “Galmudug does not need anyone to blame, it needs a person who reflects the feelings and needs of the community,” said Said Hassan.


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