Over 75,500 coronavirus tests completed last week; Infections on the rise

Municipal healthcare services in the Netherlands completed 75,547 coronavirus tests during the week ending July 12. The mucus swab tests are used to find active infections of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the novel coronavirus which causes respiratory illness Covid-19.

Exact numbers of positive results have not been revealed, but preliminary data from the RIVM and the Dutch government suggested that the number of infections per capita rose to 0.6 new cases per 100 thousand residents. After hitting a low of 0.2 last week, that figure has risen back up to the level it was at on June 25.

Last week’s results were the most tests conducted by the municipal services in a single week-long period in the Netherlands, according to data provided by GGD GHOR, the organization representing the municipal health services in the country. The group said it had processed some 373,571 samples since testing became available to the entire public on June 1.

Other healthcare workers also carry out the tests in addition to the GGD. When taken into account, this could increase last week’s test total by several thousand.

The data does confirm that at least 394,841 tests have been completed since the start of June, and 763,973 since the end of February. That includes nearly 6,500 more tests carried out before July 5, but which had not been processed before the last statistical update.

More data was expected to be released on Tuesday by public health agency RIVM.

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