Dutch travelers called to prepare well for vacations abroad

Many Netherlands residents are eager to go abroad this summer, despite the coronavirus crisis. And this is possible, but travelers should be well prepared for a number of different scenarios, according to emergency center Eurocross Assistance, ANP reports.

It is possible, for example, that the travel advice for your vacation destination is escalated from code yellow to code orange while you are there. Or that you or one of your travel partners contract the coronavirus while you’re abroad, resulting in you being unable to leave the country.

“In such situations, many insurance policies often no longer offer coverage,” Eurocross said. It is therefore essential that you make absolutely sure what your insurance does and does not cover in various scenarios. “Because if a country has the travel advice code yellow, you are insured when you need help there. But if a country has orange, your travel insurance often covers much less or even nothing. Breakdown assistance for your car is also not self-evident, but dependent on the type of insurance and the breakdown assistance modules.”

It is also a good idea to take mouth masks and enough medicines with you, Eurocross said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses a travel advice system that ranges from code green – no problems expected – to code red – definitely do not go there. Many countries are currently under a code orange warning due to the coronavirus pandemic. A code orange warning means that any non-essential travel to the country or region is strongly discouraged.

In mid-June the Ministry relaxed the travel advice to code yellow for many Schengen countries, which means that people are allowed to visit those countries for non-essential reasons, but should be aware that some extraordinary measures may be in place. The Ministry warned that travel advice can be escalated at any time. And this happened for two cities in Portugal early this month, when coronavirus infections in these areas increased.

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